Dr. Dan O.

We want to thank Dr. Dan O. from Grand Rapids, Michigan for sharing with us his testimony about his experience at CMI.

I had the honor of experiencing CMI first hand....You could not meet warmer friendlier people....They take such care of you. I received a very complete examination of body mind and spirit...They offer the total package with 24/7 attention to the whole person.

I would encourage anyone who has been through lots of other care centers/givers and only got a band aid for their issues, to explore CMI for the opportunity to get at the real cause of your issues/problems...And/or those concerned with anti ageing and prevention , to also take a close look at what this center, CMI has to offer with their 7 day package and beyond.

Thanks to everyone at CMI for your care and sharing of what and who you are...ILG, Dr. Dan O